Paige's inspirational story

Having recently had a baby, it was time for me to get back into work. So I called Inspired People and they gave me a list of charities that I might be interested in fundraising for.

As soon as I heard about NDCS I knew it was the one for me. Being a musician, I felt an emotional pull towards deaf children and knew it was where I was needed. Then I found out that 95% of the funding for NDCS comes from face-to-face fundraising, so that settled it — I knew what I needed to do.

Starting my role, I was a bit nervous but felt prepared. I received a lot of training on site from the previous coach, so it was a very smooth transition. Obviously starting in a new role is always a bit daunting but management at NDCS are super supportive and definitely gave me the leeway I needed whilst developing.

In a typical day we meet in central London and our team leader starts by giving an inspirational team talk. Then we head out, full of energy, and ready to change some lives! We’ll either hit the streets there in the centre or get a train out of town. The aim is to stop as many members of the public as possible and get them on board as a member of NDCS. We are in a different location every day, so we always keep it fresh.

The biggest challenge is to keep smiling, even when you feel you're not getting anywhere. The job can be tough as we never know who we’ll meet, but dealing with whatever comes your way is all covered in the training.

The best thing about the job for me is that it’s never boring, you will always have an interesting story to tell at the end of each day. Also each sign up gives you a huge sense of accomplishment, you get this massive rush of adrenaline and happiness. It's so fun!

I can’t recommend fundraising enough. You learn so much and your confidence will increase by at least 100% as will your social intelligence. Yes the job can be hard, but if you're a hard worker then you will gain so much and truly enjoy your day at work — and not many people can say that.

"If you're a hard worker then you will gain so much and truly enjoy your day at work — and not many people can say that."

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