Naomi's inspirational story


Read Naomi's inspirational story

I started my career in street fundraising at the age of 18. My first role was as a roaming fundraiser, travelling with the team and living in holiday accommodation. I saw it as an opportunity to see more of the country and raise money for great causes.

Although I assumed this was a stop-gap after uni, I soon realised that this profession was my passion.

So I moved to London, and through Inspired People got a job as a Team leader with Greenpeace who were setting up one of the first in-house teams. Fundraising on the streets of London was a challenge but one that I relished.

Over the next 10 years I worked my way up to become the South East Regional Manager, and from there got my first Campaign Manager job at Centrepoint.

Helping the homeless has always been a cause close to my heart and with the rising number of people on the streets, I felt compelled to do something. With the help of Inspired People I set up the campaign and we now have street and door teams across London and Brighton.

Centrepoint is the UK's leading youth homelessness charity and we are looking for bright passionate people who want to make a change in our society and help support those most vulnerable.

"I soon realised that this profession was my passion."

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