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Discover Don's journey into fundraising

Throughout my 61 years of working, I have had many different jobs in different parts of the world: from an insurance broker in Gibraltar, to an estate agent in Tenerife, to teaching English in Indonesia. In 2016, I finally came back home to the UK.

Having had a brief spell with Guide Dogs in 2004 and having thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I made the decision on my return to the UK to enquire and apply for a Managerial position out in the field, and the rest is history!

At a time in which the world seems to be going completely bonkers and technology is progressing at the speed of light, being out on the door helps me realise “the world’s not such a bad place”. I’ve learned that, whilst new technology is very important, personal contact can never be replaced.

Whilst I would recommend fundraising for any age group, I would especially recommend fundraising for people who think that retiring from their regular job means that “that’s it” - it doesn’t have to be! In a few months’ time I’ll be 77 years old, and I’ve recently had a knee replacement, but I can’t wait to get back out there and get canvassing again…fresh air in my lungs, keeping fit, and meeting amazing people gives me a real sense of fulfilment, as well as full support from an amazing charity.

Come and join me and be an Ambassador for Guide Dogs for the Blind.


"Of all the jobs and positions that I’ve held over the years, I can honestly say that fundraising with Guide Dogs is up there as the most satisfying job I have ever done."

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