Danny's inspirational story


Read Danny's inspirational story

I actively avoided fundraising as a career option because at 28, I was convinced that I was too old.

I’d owned a marketing company, been a manager at several sales companies over the years, surely it would be a step backwards for me.

There did come a time however, when I was once again in need of a job and call centres weren’t doing it for me anymore.

My first role was as a fundraiser for British Red Cross and I loved it from my first shift.

There are 3 things to love about being a fundraiser: the usually like-minded and ridiculous and amazing people you work with, the amazing and often bizarre conversations you’ll have with the public while inspiring them to support your cause and the opportunity to travel around the UK. I’ve spent time everywhere from Glasgow to London while fundraising.

It took me 4 years to progress from new starter to Regional Manager at Red Cross, my only regret being, I didn’t get into Fundraising sooner.

I now manage the Leeds Street region for Shelter, being able to do a job I genuinely enjoy while raising lots of money to help the homeless is amazing.


We believe that developing our fundraisers into team leaders, coaches and managers is absolutely crucial to being a successful organisation. So if it’s a career you’re after or just a meaningful job that’ll earn you some money while you study, get in touch and make a difference.

"My only regret being, I didn’t get into Fundraising sooner."

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