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What will I be doing?

After your training, you will be inspiring members of the public to become long term supporters of charitable organisations by signing them up to regular direct debits.

How old do you have to be?

You need to be over 18 to do this job; however there is no upper age limit and applicants of all ages are encouraged to apply.

How do I apply?

Click here or call us on 0845 838 5501

Is it a temporary or permanent contract?

It is a temporary on-going contract; however we do have people that have worked for us for more than 8 years!

Is it full time or part time?

We have full and part time positions in various areas of the UK, to find out what vacancies we have give us a call.

Is it commission based?

For all of your the hours you work you will get paid an hourly rate, however some of our clients have a bonus scheme to reward good performers which will be paid on top of your hourly wage.

How am I paid?

You get paid a basic hourly wage for every hour that you work; this is paid directly into your bank account a week in arrears every Friday.

Who do I work for?

Your employment status will be that of a worker, which means that you will be paid by Inspired People but you will be managed and trained by the charitable organisation.

What promotion opportunities are there?

We are always looking for the next big talent in fundraising and if you can demonstrate exceptional potential you will be given opportunities to progress your career. Currently all of our campaign managers started out as fundraisers, and many have been taken on directly with the charity so the sky is the limit!

Where do I work?

For the Street Fundraiser jobs you will work on high streets and town centres within an hour radius of your local town/city. For the Door Fundraiser roles you will work residential areas within an hour radius of your local town/city. For private sites and venue fundraising, you will work at various places like shopping centres, garden centres, fairs etc. This will all be confirmed before you start. For the Cycle Path Fundraiser positions, you will be working on cycle paths around your local area.

Is this a target based job?

It is a target based job, however the targets are fair and achievable.

What are the targets?

Most of our clients would like you to sign up 2 new supporters a day.

What happens if I don’t hit them?

You will have a dedicated team leader and coach whose job it is to make you the best you can be. However, the job is not for some people and obviously some people do not hit their targets, you will be re-trained and performance managed in a fair way to help you. Unfortunately, continual under-performance will result in you losing your job as the charity cannot afford to continue paying you if you’re not giving anything back.

How am I trained and is it paid?

Most of the charities will do 1 or 2 days of training. This will take place off the street and indoors. You will be trained on 2 things; 1) the charity and the campaign you will be working on and 2) how to fundraise (how to stop people, pitch, deal with objections etc.)

What are the hours available?

Street Fundraisers: Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm

Door Fundraisers: Monday-Friday, 12pm-8pm

Venue/Private Site/ Cycle Path: evenings and weekend hours available - for more information call us on 0845 838 5501

Do you have to travel?

You will have to travel to the chosen fundraising site, yes. This will be agreed with you before you start work and your Team Leader will decide on a meeting place for you and your team to meet.

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